How to Create Zoom Sessions

1. Access Canvas through your OKTA dashboard.

2. Navigate to the course where you want to schedule the meeting.

3. Click on Panopto in the menu bar to authenticate (only needed once).

4. In the menu bar, click on “Zoom”

5. Now click on the “Schedule New Meeting” button.

6. Add the details and description for the meeting.

7. To create Recurring sessions you should check the “Recurring Meeting” box.

8. Click “Record the meeting automatically” and “In the cloud”. 

9. Set the days and number of occurrences according to your course requirements.

10. Click “Save”.

11. You and your students will access the individual meetings by clicking on the Zoom link.  Any recordings will automatically be saved in the course folder in Panopto. 

🔔  Videos stored in Panopto are subject to the Panopto Retention Policy.