The programming that the Office of Community Affairs provides to children in Bronzeville and the surrounding communities seeks to bring them together with Illinois Tech faculty, students, and staff to foster an affinity for science and STEM programs.

Our events, camps, and clubs are an outlet for children to better understand science and the people who populate STEM fields, as well as foster an interest that could one day lead to a fulfilling career path. In addition to the programming that Community Affairs offers, Illinois Tech has also partnered with SMASH Academy to help create those pathways.

Illinois Tech, in 2019, became a partner in SMASH Academy—a free, three-year STEM-focused residential college prep program that empowers students to deepen their talents and pursue STEM careers.

Starting the summer after ninth grade, SMASH Illinois students live and study at Illinois Tech for five weeks to build core technical skills in computing, form a robust community of peers, connect with STEM professionals, and gain access to college and work readiness opportunities.

Learn More About Our Youth Programs

Community Affairs Science Cafes

Community Affairs’ science cafes bring children together with Illinois Tech faculty members for a scientific presentation—be it in-person or virtually—to highlight how science works and why it is fun!

Community Affairs Block City Community Building Day

An annual family event that is hosted on Illinois Tech’s campus that features attendees building a city out of LEGO blocks.

Community Affairs Aero-STEM Expo

Held annually, the Aero-STEM Expo introduces Chicago students to the aviation and aerospace fields. Past expos have included flight simulators, mini-drones, and robots. Industry professionals are also on hand to provide mentoring opportunities.

Community Affairs Pre-Collegiate Programming

Whether you’re interested in technology, business, architecture, science, engineering, or computers, Illinois Tech’s summer camps offer high school students the chance to learn more about the fields and skills that interest them most! Learn more about the camps that Illinois Tech offers, and what is scheduled this summer.

Community Affairs Tutoring Opportunities

Illinois Tech student organizations offer opportunities for tutoring throughout the school year. Check back with the Office of Community Affairs for more details.