In collaboration with the Division of Student Affairs, the Office of Community Standards would like to provide trainings for students.

Required Title IX Training

All Illinois Tech students will receive at the beginning of the academic year email communication about completing the required Title IX training. All Illinois Tech students are required to participate in the annual training. The TItle IX training engages undergraduate and graduate students in fostering healthy relationships and preparing them to recognize and respond to sexual assault and harassment when it occurs.

Access Title IX Training Here

What is the annual Title IX Training Illinois Tech students receive?
Under the Illinois Preventing Sexual Violence in Higher Education Act, Illinois Institute of Technology is required to provide annual training to students who attend one or more classes on campus information regarding an understanding of consent, reporting cases of sexual misconduct, resources available to students, and strategies for bystander intervention.

If I have previously taken the course in a previous year, do I have to complete the training course again?
Yes. As a university, we are required to ensure that students are trained on Violence Against Women Act/Title IX/sexual misconduct issues. We believe that requiring all students to take it every year is a much better practice, and is in compliance with the Illinois Preventing Sexual Violence in Higher Education Act.

How long does the training take?
The training can take anywhere between 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

How are students notified about the training?
Students receive notification about the online module through their official Illinois Tech email accounts. The email that students receive comes from the email address with the subject line "Online Course Assigned to You by Illinois Institute of Technology." Below is an example of the email students will receive.

How do students access the training module?
Students will receive access to the online module through their Illinois Tech email accounts or they can go to to access the course.

Campus Safety Awareness Week

Come join the Office of Community Standards and Public Safety on this week of programming to help create an inclusive and safe environment on Illinois Tech’s campus. There will be multiple programs throughout this week and by participating in events, you may have a chance to win a prize at the end of the week.


Suicide Prevention

Embrace Mental Health uses AFSP's video "It's Real: College Students and Mental Health" and accompanying discussion guide as interactive teaching tools. The program informs students that depression is a treatable illness, and empowers participants to seek treatment.

As part of our effort, Embrace Mental Health assists with the planning of all components of suicide prevention education, including on-site trainings for students and staff.

Embrace objectives:

  • Teaches students that suicide is a preventable tragedy that often occurs as a result of an untreated mental illness
  • Strengthens students' abilities to assess signs of a struggle with depression and/or anxiety in themselves or their friends
  • Identifies at-risk students and refers them to treatment
  • Introduces students to the mental health community, on campus and beyond, and provides them with the tools and understanding needed to access it
  • Encourages students to help their peers who may need support

If your office or department would like a training, please complete our form.

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