• Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago PhD in Structural Engineering
  • Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago M.S. in Structural Engineering
  • Azad University, Zanjan, Iran B.S in Civil Engineering

Research Interests

  • Proposition and evaluation of an innovative frictional damper for structural systems, which does not bear limitation of previously proposed systems and yet maintains their advantages (Master Thesis).
  • Analytical prediction of live load distribution factor for atypical husbandry vehicles by evaluation of selected bridges in the state of Iowa.
  • Modeling the Origin and Inception of Fatigue Failure in Metals through a Non-linear Mechanical Spring System (PhD Thesis).


Divani A. Mohammadi J. Further Development in Modeling Fatigue Failure in Metals with a Multispring Non-Linear Mechanical System. Engineering Structures Volume 257, 15 April 2022, 114044


Finite Element analysis of bridges and buildings, Fatigue analysis, Seismic design and retrofitting of buildings, Bridge design and evaluation.