Diep Nguyen

  • Industry Professor of Chemistry
  • Director, PSM of Analytical Chemistry Program


B.S. in Chemistry, McGill University
Ph.D. in Polymer Chemistry, McGill University

Professional Affiliations & Memberships


  • IIT Teaching Grants for Innovative Faculty
  • Certificate of Accomplishment in recognition of the successful development of an industrial coating at PPG Industries, Inc.
  • Carl A. Winkler Award for the best Ph.D. of the year
  • Ph.D. Graduate, Dean's list


Gu, XH; Nguyen, T; Sung, LP; VanLandingham, MR; Fasolka, MJ; Martin, JW; Jean, YC; Nguyen, D; Chang, NK; Wu, TY. 2004. Advanced techniques for nanocharacterization of polymeric coating surfaces. JCTRESEARCH 1 (3): 191-200.

Shin, K; Rafailovich, MH; Sokolov, J; Gersappe, D; Kim, MW; Satija, SK; Nguyen, D; Xu, D; Yang, NL; Eisenberg, A. 2001. Structures of thin ionomer films in solvent mixtures. LANGMUIR 17 (21): 6675-6682.

Zhang, YM; Ge, S; Tang, B; Koga, T; Rafailovich, MH; Sokolov, JC; Peiffer, DG; Li, Z; Dias, AJ; McElrath, KO; Lin, MY; Satija, SK; Urquhart, SG; Ade, H; Nguyen, D. 2001. Effect of carbon black and silica fillers in elastomer blends. MACROMOLECULES 34 (20): 7056-7065.

Nguyen, D.; Kim, J-S; Guiver, M. D.; Eisenberg, A. Clustering in carboxylated polysulfone ionomers: A characterization by dynamic mechanical and small-angle X-ray scattering methods. J. Polym. Sci., Part B: Polym. Phys. (1999), 37(22), 3226-3232.

Nguyen, D; Varshney, SK; Williams, CE; Eisenberg, A. 1994. Micellar Morphology in Bulk Styrene-Core Ionic Diblock Copolymers. Macromolecules (18): 5086-5089.

Nguyen, D; Williams, CE; Eisenberg, A. 1994. Block Ionomer Micelles in Solution 1. Characterization of Ionic Cores by Small-Angle X-Rays Scattering. Macromolecules 27 (18): 5090-5093.


  • Nguyen et al. Method of Coating Coils Using a High Solids Fluorocarbon Coating Composition, US Patent (2004) 6,699,933

Community Service

Educational outreach to promote science in elementary and high school students


Characterize and Study of Property-Structure Relationships in Industrial Polymeric Materials

Diep Nguyen

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