Donald J. Chmielewski

  • Professor of Chemical Engineering


Ph.D. University of California, Los Angeles (Chemical Engineering, 2000)
M.S. University of California, Los Angeles (Electrical Engineering, 1993)
B.S. Illinois Institute of Technology (Electrical Engineering, 1991)

Research Interests

Economics of control system design

Modeling and design of energy related processes

Applications include:

  • Fuel cell systems
  • Hybrid vehicles
  • IGCC power plants
  • Building HVAC systems
  • Manufacturing inventory systems
  • Electric power transmission and storage systems


2010 - CAST Division Plenary Lecture, AIChE

2004 - CAST Directors' Award for Best Poster, AIChE

2003 - Excellence in Teaching Award, ChEE Department, IIT

2003 - Outstanding Student Organization Advisor Award, II

2000 - Outstanding PhD in Chemical Engineering, UCLA


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Advanced Process Control

Fuel Cell System Design and Control