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Chemical and Biological Engineering

Illinois Tech's Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering—established in 1901—was one of the first chemical engineering programs in the country. It continues to be one of the most innovative programs on the leading edge of relevance to society and industry. 

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About CHBE

Our students and faculty look at the world through a different lens, and are engaging in breakthrough research addressing some of the most serious problems that will impact communities worldwide. Emerging research areas include managing and purifying water, developing alternates to fossil fuels, designing strategies for environmental cleanup, and engineering technologies for improved drug delivery.

In addition to the fundamentals of science, math, and engineering, our chemical engineering curriculum emphasizes applications of transport processes, thermodynamics and kinetics, automatic control, and design. The degree program emphasizes coursework in equipment design, control-system design, fluid mechanics and heat-transfer operations, mass-transfer operations, and chemical reaction engineering. 

The Illinois Institute of Technology program in Chemical Engineering is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, www.abet.org.

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In the Master of Pharmaceutical Engineering program, students first learn the basics of pharmaceutical engineering, drug delivery, bioprocess engineering, and entrepreneurship/intellectual property management before selecting elective courses. New course offerings include: 

CHE 583 Introduction to Pharmaceutical Engineering

CHE 585 Drug Delivery
Faculty: Mudassir M. Rashid, Adjunct Part-Time Instructor

*CHE 514 Process Analytical Technology
Faculty: Mudassir M. Rashid, Adjunct Part-Time Instructor 

*CHE 514 will be offered in spring 2020 and provides a framework to enhance process understanding, while assisting in the development of reliable and efficient pharmaceutical operations

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The CHBE department is running a faculty search for a department chair. Consider joining Chicago's only tech-focused university!

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Master of Pharmaceutical Engineering Degree

Engineer solutions for the challenges within the pharmaceutical industry with our highly specialized master's program—the first pharmaceutical engineering program of its kind in the Chicago area.

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Faculty Research

Faculty research includes topics in emerging areas such as nanomaterials, complex fluids, nanofluids, molecular modeling, novel catalysts, and membranes for fuel cells and batteries.

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Student Research

Participate in breakthrough research with our chemical and biological engineering faculty, applying real-world applications and working on projects that will impact cities and communities across the globe.

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“I came to Illinois Tech as an undecided engineering student, but after one semester I chose chemical engineering after concluding that math and chemistry were the most fun subjects I had studied thus far and wanted to continue with these subjects.”


—Ryan Lakner (Chemical Engineering/M.E. Environmental Engineering 4th Year)

“I became interested in Professor Joseph Orgel’s collagen research due to a past knee injury. I was able to join his research lab, where I worked on a project for him studying the collagen matrices. The impact of this research could lead to a better understanding of brain damage.”

Sarah Kirby (CHE/M.A.S. ’15)

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