Maggie Cheng

  • Professor of Applied Mathematics
  • Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Scientific Computation


Ph.D.,The University of Minnesota at Twin Cities

Research Interests

Interdisciplinary between data science and network science: Data analytics for social networks, cyber-physical systems, communications networks, biological networks, and time-evolving complex networks; Network optimization


  • A Chain Method for Preconditioned Iterative Linear Solvers for Power System Matrices (with L. Grant and M. Crow). IEEE Transactions on Power Systems (2018), Vol. 33, No. 1, pp. 166-173.
  • Network Connectivity Assessment and Improvement through Relay Node Deployment (with Y. Ling and B. Sadler). Theoretical Computer Science (2017), Vol. 660, No. 1, pp. 86-101.
  • A Game Theory Approach to Vulnerability Analysis: Integrating Power Flows with Topological Analysis (with M. Crow and Q. Ye). International Journal of Electrical Power and Energy Systems (2016), vol. 82, pp. 29-36.
  • A Hypothesis Testing Approach for Topology Error Detection in Power Grids (with W. Wu and B. Gou). IEEE Internet of Things (2016), Vol. 3, No. 6 , pp 979-985.
  • Data Analytics for Fault Localization in Complex Networks (with W. Wu). IEEE Internet of Things (2016), Vol. 3, No. 5, pp 701-708.


  • Applied Statistics, Statistical Learning
  • Operations Research, Combinatorial Optimization, Convex Optimization, Computational Complexity, Algorithms Design and Analysis, Graph Theory
  • Computer Networks