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Applied mathematicians are found where quantitative data is analyzed to make decisions. Prepare for a wide variety of careers in technology, finance, insurance, manufacturing, logistics, pharmaceuticals, and more with an applied mathematics degree.

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There is a growing demand for people whose undergraduate training emphasizes modern applied mathematics. These positions are typically interdisciplinary and focus on a combination of modeling, analysis, statistics, and computation. They are found in such diverse fields as financial services, pharmaceutical research, and municipal administration. Applied mathematicians are found everywhere in commerce, industry, and government where quantitative data is used to make decisions. Illinois Tech applied math graduates have found positions in insurance companies, research laboratories, and internet startups, among other places.

As part of Chicago’s only tech-focused university, Illinois Tech’s applied mathematics department has built strong connections within the city to provide internship and employment opportunities.

Well-Regarded Master's Programs

Learn more about Illinois Tech’s well-regarded master's degree programs in applied mathematics:

Our Master of Data Science program, one of KD Nuggets Top 15 programs, teaches you how to humanize data, and what you can do to make a difference in your company.

Discover the best decision-making methods within a problem’s constraints, and identify efficiencies to operate more effectively. The M.S. in Computational Decision Science and Operations Research meets the growing demand for computationally proficient decision scientists and operations researchers.

With three options of study and five specializations, the M.S. in Applied Mathematics degree offers the flexibility to prepare for an industry career or gain a solid foundation for Ph.D. coursework and research.

Learn to solve real-world problems in business, industry, and government through the application of mathematical modeling, statistics, and computation with a Master of Applied Mathematics degree.

Fred Hickernell

Bachelor of Science in Statistics

The new Bachelor of Science in Statistics from Illinois Tech is a technically intense and mathematically rigorous program designed to prepare you for an exceptional career path as a statistician, analyst, or data scientist in business, government, or academia.

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Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics

Find new ways to solve real-world problems in science, engineering, and society through original, creative research in Illinois Tech’s Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics program.

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Math ARC1

Master of Science in Applied Mathematics

The newly revised Master of Science in Applied Mathematics at Illinois Tech is flexible enough to develop your skills for the workforce or to serve as a strong academic foundation for the challenges of Ph.D. coursework and research.

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Department Highlights

AMAT students in the lab

Undergraduate and graduate students have the opportunity to take part in innovative research. Faculty focus on five interdisciplinary areas of modern research with applications in biology, finance, manufacturing, climate change, and weather prediction.


Illinois Tech’s Mies Campus is located just minutes from downtown Chicago, allowing the applied mathematics department to build strong partnerships with financial, technology, manufacturing, consulting, and other companies including CMEAccenture, and IronBridge Capital Management.

SURE: Summer Undergraduate Research Experience

Two women work on code at Illinois Tech

Spend the summer with a computer science or applied mathematics research team in a College of Computing Summer Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE) program.

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In-Demand Skills

Skilled mathematicians are some of the most sought-after talent in today’s job market.


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Stanley Nicholson

Stanley Nicholson (MATH ’23) says that he was always fascinated with biology. So, it may seem unusual that when he walks across the Commencement stage on May 13 at McCormick Place, he will be picking...

“The classes at Illinois Tech are exciting and fun. I loved looking at data, calculating statistics, and figuring out how to improve systems. I was also a peer mentor and teaching assistant. It was a fun way to express what I know while also learning about a new topic.”

—Sarah Maciorowski (AMAT ’17), St. Louis


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