Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics (Ph.D.)

Applied mathematics addresses problems in science, engineering, and society. Find new ways to solve real-world problems through original, creative research in Illinois Tech’s applied mathematics Ph.D. program.

Illinois Tech’s Ph.D. program in Applied Mathematics is a flagship graduate program that prepares talented mathematicians and statisticians for careers in research or academia through a rigorous education, which includes advanced coursework, independent study, and original research. With almost 100 percent job placement at graduation, our alumni work at Goldman Sacks, UBS, Amazon, University of Michigan, DePaul University, United Airlines, Grant Thornton, as well as start-ups and early stage companies.

The Department of Applied Mathematics and the College of Computing offer generous scholarships in the form of teaching or research assistantships that cover tuition and provide a competitive monthly stipend. 

Courses cover a wide range of topics in applied mathematics and statistics including mathematical courses offered in popular graduate programs such as Data Science, Financial Technology, and Computational Decision Science and Operations Research

The Department of Applied Mathematics is a vibrant research hub with internationally recognized faculty working in a variety of applied research areas such as computational mathematics, stochastic analysis, statistics, data science, applied discrete mathematics, and optimal control. 

In addition to numerous academic activities, the Department of Applied Mathematics is home to several student organizations such as Illinois Tech SIAM Student Chapter, American Statistical Association, Association for Women in Mathematics, Machine Learning @IIT, and Fun Math Problems.

Program Overview

Prepare for a career in industrial research or academia through a rigorous education that includes advanced coursework, independent study, and original research to make a significant contribution to the field of applied mathematics.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities exist across industries, as so many need mathematics experts.

  • Actuary
  • Operations researcher/analyst
  • Mathematician/statistician
  • Post-secondary mathematics/science teacher
  • Post-secondary mathematics/science administrator
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The program typically requires a bachelor’s degree in mathematics or applied mathematics. Candidates whose degree is in another field and whose background in mathematics is strong are also eligible for admission and are encouraged to apply.

Applicants should have a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university. A cumulative GPA of 3.5/4.0 is usually required.

TOEFL scores, if required, should be a minimum of 80/550 (internet-based/paper-based test scores).

A two-page professional statement of goals/objectives and a curriculum vitae must be submitted.

Three letters of recommendation are required.

All applications are automatically considered for full scholarship in from of Teaching or Research Assistantship, with no additional application process for such funds. The scholarships are awarded to top candidates based on the strength of the entire portfolio, the departmental needs and the availability of funds. Full consideration are given to applications for Fall semesters received before the priority deadline of January 31.


Ask a Professor

What do climate change, finance, data science, sports analytics, engineering, and software development all have in common? They all have foundations in mathematics. Discover how a degree in applied mathematics can open doors to these careers, and many more, by speaking with Professor Igor Cialenco, director of graduate studies at Illinois Tech’s Department of Applied Mathematics. These virtual visits occur on Wednesdays from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. CST.


Featured Faculty

Associate Chair and Director of Graduate Studies of the Department of Applied Mathematics Professor of Applied Mathematics
Jinqiao Duan
Professor Emeritus of Applied Mathematics
Sonja Petrovic
Professor of Applied Mathematics
Fred Hickernell
Professor of Applied Mathematics Vice Provost for Research
Maggie Cheng
Professor of Applied Mathematics Director, Center for Interdisciplinary Scientific Computation
Chun Liu
Chair, Department of Applied Mathematics Professor of Applied Mathematics