The students and faculty of the Department of Applied Mathematics are active in five research areas of modern applied mathematics: applied analysis, computational mathematics, discrete mathematics, stochastics (including financial mathematics), and statistics. As part of developing new collaborations, research groups meet in seminars and reading groups to explore mathematics, where student participation is always welcome.

Undergraduate and graduate students are actively involved in faculty research projects. Graduate students regularly publish papers, present their projects at the department’s research seminars, and attend and present research at regional and international conferences. Undergraduate students have the opportunity to conduct research through course projects as well as independent research, which may take place during the summer. Summer research can be funded by department and College of Computing stipend awards or faculty research grants. Several courses in the department offer independent or group research opportunities.


Summer Research Opportunities

Summer research opportunities allow you to work alongside faculty and graduate students on fascinating projects. For some students, conducting research early in their academic career is an important step in determining whether to pursue graduate school or a career in either academia or industry. Research experience can also help students decide whether their specific academic course is right for them. 

Illinois Tech offers four- and eight-week summer research opportunities in engineering, science, and business. As a current Illinois Tech student, you do not need to fill out the formal application. However, we recommend that students inquire about research opportunities by March 29, 2020, to be considered for the research opportunity you're interested in. Instead, email the faculty member that is associated with each research opportunity directly to inquire about participating in the course. Be sure to indicate your interest in the project and highlight relevant experience when you contact the faculty member. Also, make sure to verify with your academic adviser that the research opportunity you would like to pursue fits into your degree plan. If admitted to the research opportunity, the faculty member will provide you with instructions for registering.

Elevate is the umbrella organization at Illinois Tech that connects students with experiential opportunities that allow them to learn the valuable skills that will enable their upward trajectory. 

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Questions about summer research opportunities? Email or call 312.567.3849.