Active participation in research is a key ingredient of the educational experience at Illinois Tech’s Department of Applied Mathematics. Graduates and undergraduates can find research opportunities working side-by-side with faculty, in student groups, independently, or even with our network of alumni. Graduate students regularly publish papers and present their projects at our department’s research seminars, as well as at regional and international research conferences. The undergraduate curriculum includes opportunities to work on course projects, while independent research over the summer can be funded by department and College of Computing stipends, internships, or faculty research grants. Several courses offer independent or group research projects: 

Math 100, 380, 431, 485, 497, 530, 565, 582



Learning By Doing

Saikiran Yerraguntla (CS/AMAT ’20) discovered plenty of research opportunities as an undergraduate student while studying at Illinois Institute of Technology, making research an integral part of his educational experience.

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Award-Winning Research Collaboration

A chance encounter at an academic conference initiated a new research collaboration, a grant award, opportunities to learn from academics across the globe.

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A Perfect Circle Challenge

The idea was simple: hold a contest to see who can come closest to drawing a perfect circle, in freehand, to celebrate Pi Day (March 14).

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Mathematical Modeling Merit

Of  more than 14,000 teams of students from around the world in the competition, and the Illinois Tech team placed in the top 6 percent with only 0.3 percent placing above them in the Mathematical Contest in Modeling hosted by the Consortium for Mathematics and Its Applications.

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