Department of Applied Mathematics



Rettaliata Engineering Center
10 West 32nd Street, Room 220
Chicago, IL 60616

Tel: 312.567.8980 | Fax: 312.567.3135 | E-Mail:

Department Coordinator 

Faith Kancauski
Office: RE 220
Phone: 312.567.8980

Program Directors and Advisors
Chair of Applied Mathematics Chun Liu
Associate Chair of Applied Mathematics,
Director of Undergraduate Studies and Undergraduate Advisor
Michael Pelsmajer
Director of Graduate Studies and Graduate Advisor Igor Cialenco
Director of Master of Applied Mathematics Charles Tier
Associate Director of Master of Data Science Lulu Kang
Director of Master of Mathematical Finance Tom Bielecki
Co-director of Master of Science in Computational Decision Science and Operations Research Hemanshu Kaul
Other Administration
Colloquium Coordinator Sergey Nadtochiy
Computer Coordinator Charles Tier
(Computer) Student Assistant Ryan Pries
Library Liason Hemanshu Kaul
Course Enrollments and Permits Fred Weening
Course Scheduling, Teaching Assistants, Textbooks David Maslanka
Website Coordinator Ruoting Gong
SIAM Chapter Advisors Hemanshu Kaul
Shuwang Li
ASA Chapter Advisors Sonja Petrovic
Despina Stasi
AWM Chapter Advisors Kiah Wah Ong
Despina Stasi
ML Group Advisor Matthew Dixon