Value in Research

Research projects conducted while a Ph.D. student at Illinois Tech served Yicong Huang well for a career as a senior quantitative analyst at Constellation as he develops models for natural gas daily price and maintains existing valuation models in the company application ecosystem

“My research projects are the best examples I can think of that prepared me for my career,” he says. “The thinking, the discussing, the programming, and the writing of reports, papers, and codes all helped to improve my skills.”

“I appreciate the solid background I gained under my advisers Professors Tomasz Bialecki and Igor Cialenco,” he says. “It is very helpful in my daily work since I have to keep thinking and developing new ideas in modeling.”

Huang says learning communication skills by participating in colloquia, research talks, and even as a teaching assistant, at Illinois Tech have been very valuable to his career in order to relate his research to others.

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