Flexibility, Breadth, and Research Opportunities

Megha Lokanadham selected Illinois Institute of Technology’s Data Science program for many reasons. She says, “The reason I chose Illinois Tech over other schools was because of the flexibility of the program, the focus on taking both math and computer science courses, and the great research opportunities it had to offer to its students. The program at Illinois Tech is so different from other programs because of its good blend of math and computer science courses, its research opportunities, and that each course focuses on imparting skill sets needed to be industry ready. Illinois Tech offered exactly what I was looking for in a graduate school experience.”

Lokanadham studied computer vision, natural language processing, machine learning, applied statistics, and math modeling.

“The program covers every skill and technique you can possibly think of needing in order to work in the field of data science in the industry,” adds Lokanadham.

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