Master of Science student studies Applied Mathematics at Illinois Tech's Kaplan Institute

Applied Mathematics (M.S.)

Applied mathematics addresses problems in science, engineering, and society. Applied mathematicians solve problems across career fields, using a variety of mathematical strategies.

The M.S. program in applied mathematics at Illinois Tech serves a dual purpose based on your background and career aims. Should you want to pursue a doctoral degree in applied mathematical sciences, it provides a strong foundation that prepares you for the challenges of Ph.D. coursework and research. Should you want to pursue a career in industry, you will be trained in advanced mathematical techniques and models appealing to employers.

The three options of study include writing a master's thesis, passing two qualifying exams, or conducting an industry-based project.

Five specializations are offered in the program: industrial mathematics, stochastic computation, discrete computation and optimization, computational statistics for data science, and quantitative risk management.

Note: The Coursework track may be completed online; the Industry Project and Thesis tracks require in-person classes.

Program Overview

Illinois Tech's M.S. in applied mathematics program provides a strong foundation that prepares you for the challenges of Ph.D. coursework and research. Or train in advanced mathematical techniques and models, appealing to future employers and providing the opportunity to pursue a career in a variety of industries.

Career Opportunities

Career paths with Illinois Tech’s M.S. in applied mathematics can vary widely depending on the specialization chosen.

  • Analysts
  • Forecasters
  • Statisticians
  • Mathematical researchers
  • Mathematical modelers
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Admission typically requires a bachelor's degree in mathematics, applied mathematics, or related quantitative fields. Candidates whose degree is in another field and whose background in mathematics is strong are also eligible for admission and are encouraged to apply. All undergraduate prerequisites courses must be fulfilled, in addition to fulfilling all other degree requirements.

A cumulative undergraduate GPA of 3.0/4.0 is usually required.

At least two letters of recommendation are required.

A TOEFL score of 80 is required if an applicant is from a non-English-speaking country.

Program Specializations

Program specializations are designed to meet modern job market needs. Choosing a specialization is optional and not a degree requirement.

Ask a Professor

What do climate change, finance, data science, sports analytics, engineering, and software development all have in common? They all have foundations in mathematics. Discover how a degree in applied mathematics can open doors to these careers, and many more, by speaking with Professor Igor Cialenco, director of graduate studies at Illinois Tech’s Department of Applied Mathematics. These virtual visits occur on Wednesdays from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. CST.


Featured Faculty

Associate Chair and Director of Graduate Studies of the Department of Applied Mathematics Professor of Applied Mathematics
Jinqiao Duan
Professor Emeritus of Applied Mathematics
Sonja Petrovic
Professor of Applied Mathematics
Sergey Nadtochiy
Professor of Applied Mathematics
Chun Liu
Chair, Department of Applied Mathematics Professor of Applied Mathematics
Tomasz Bielecki
Director, Master of Mathematical Finance Professor of Applied Mathematics Affiliate Professor, Stuart School of Business
Professor of Applied Mathematics
Hemanshu Kaul
Co-Director, M.S. in Computational Decision Science and Operations Research (CDSOR) Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics
Charles Tier
Adjunct Professor of Applied Mathematics Program Director, Master of Applied Mathematics

Bright Career Outlook

“The research opportunities at Illinois Tech are outstanding, and so are the opportunities to present that research.”

Miles Bakenhus (M.S. AMAT ’20/Ph.D. AMAT, 1st year)

M.S. Applied Mathematics grad and Ph.D. candidate Miles Bakenhus