Mohammad Miralinaghi

  • Assistant Professor; Civil, Architectural, and Environmental Engineering Department


Ph.D. in Transportation and Infrastructure Systems Engineering, Purdue University 2018
M.S. in Transportation Systems Engineering, University of Alabama 2012
M.S. in Transportation Planning, Sharif University of Technology 2010
B.S. in Civil Engineering, Sharif University of Technology 2008

Research Interests

Smart Cities

  • Connected and automated vehicles
  • Shared transportation systems
  • Electric vehicles
  • Intelligent transportation systems

Transportation Infrastructure Design and Management

  • Transportation infrastructure resiliency
  • Sustainable transportation systems
  • Tradable credit scheme and congestion pricing
  • Transportation system optimization


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Transportation infrastructure design and management, sustainable transportation systems,
connected and automated vehicles, electric vehicles, tradable credit scheme and congestion
pricing, transportation infrastructure resiliency