Research Interests

2011 Assessment of the Effect of Wet Weather Flows on Effluent Quality at the Kirie WRP, MWRDGC, $53,896, PI

2011 Managing Loosely Coupled Networked Control Systems with External Disturbances, NSF, $999,397, co-PI

2009 Water Reuse at the MWRDGC Kirie Water Reclamation Plant: A Feasibility Study, MWRDGC, $65,145, co-PI

2005 Multi-objective Decision Model for Urban Water Use, USEPA, $250,000 PI

2004 Assessing Industrial Hydrologic Footprints, IL Waste Management Research Center, $22,787 PI

Professional Affiliations & Memberships

American Chemical Society

American Water Works Association

Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors


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Anderson, P. (2010) "Estimating the Hydrologic Footprint of the Caterpillar Facility in Montgomery, IL" ISTC Report TR-045, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, Urbana, IL. This document is available at the IST web site

Anderson, P.R.; Huang, S.; Zhu, J.; Bounds, D.G.; Rembold, M. (2010) Water Reuse: Feasibility study for the MWRDGC Kirie Water Reclamation Plant. Final report to the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Great Chicago; a collaborative study between the Illinois Institute of Technology and CDM, Inc.

Anderson, P.; Meng, Yi (2011) "Assessing Opportunities for Municipal Wastewater Reuse in the Metropolitan Chicago Area" ISTC Report TR-047, Illinois Sustainable Technology Center, Urbana, IL. This document is available at the IST web site


Professor Anderson is a registered professional engineer with more than 30 years of combined industrial and academic experience related to water resources management. Courses he teaches include environmental chemistry, environmental transport processes, groundwater, and industrial ecology. His research interests include physical and chemical processes in water and wastewater treatment, water reuse, trace element geochemistry, and process modeling.