Peter Y. Johnson

  • Emeritus Professor of Chemistry


B.S. University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Research Interests

Research interests centered on syntheses of penicillin related compounds and on photochemical and/or transannular reactions as routes to make these and other biologically interesting systems. Work on phencyclidines is part of a study on the binding and molecular modeling of these drug systems.

Most recent interests relate to conceiving, funding, and implementing urban educational programs involving SEM (science, engineering, and math) subjects. My resume contains more information.

He has published 40 plus articles in refereed publications ranging from organic synthesis and mechanisms to the use of experts systems in chemistry and co-authored two chapters for the ACS Symposium Series and given over professional presentations. Recent Accomplishmants include:

  • Invited at the N.S.F. sponsered Diversity Conference in Washington DC; spoke on "Using Technology and the Information Highway to Improve Scientific Writing."
  • Director of the First Annual IIT Undergraduate Research Conference.


"Designing an Expert System for Organic Synthesis: The Need for Strategic Planning," Peter Y. Johnson, I. Burnstein, J. Crary, M.Evens, and T. Wang, Published in the ACS Symposium Series 408"; Expert System Applications in Chemistry, p102-124, edited by Bruce Hohne and Thomas Pierce, 1989, Los Angeles, California

"Palladium Catalyzed Vinylic Substitution Reactions An Approach to Amino Alkyl Phencyclidines", P. Y. Johnson and J. Q. Wen, J. Org. Chem., 46 2767 (l98l).