Seung Youn Cha

  • Industry Assistant Professor of Management Science

Seung Youn Cha holds advanced degrees in mathematical finance, business, theoretical finance, and management science. Her passion is figuring out how to solve real-world investment problems without losing the theoretical perspective in the process. This quest has led her to many universities and she is happy to have found a home at Illinois Institute of Technology’s Stuart School of Business to pursue her research and teaching interests.

Cha has published several papers on investments, primarily dealing with Asian markets, most recently in the Asian-Pacific Journal of Finance. Her current focus is the larger problems of asset allocation and capital protection in dynamic and uncertain markets using both advanced theory and numerical techniques. Likewise, her teaching interests focus on the theoretical models of asset pricing, as well as the basic economics of why things cost what they do. She finds discussing this topic interesting to all levels of learners.

In her free time, she likes exploring the inner chemistry of a perfect cup of coffee and a well-baked pastry. 


Ph.D., Illinois Institute of Technology, Management Science
Ph.D., Seoul National University, Finance
M.S., University of Chicago, Financial Mathematics
M.B.A., Yonsei University
B.B.A. & B.A., Yonsei University


Undergraduate Programs in Business

Ph.D. in Management Science