University of Wisconsin, Madison Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering, 2008
University of Wisconsin, Madison M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering, 2005
Universtiy of Wisconcin, Madison M.S. in Materials Science, 2003
Tsinghua University, B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering, 2000

Research Interests

Dr. Liao's Research interests span the multidisciplinary areas of electromagnetics, lasers nano-photonics and acoustics/ultrasound waves techniques and their industrial and biomedical applications: RF and microwave radar imaging and tomography systems, wireless energy harvesting/charging, millimeter/THz wave radars and instrumentation, laser nano-photonics sensors/detectors, graphene, nano-metamaterials/surface Plasmon, atmosphere/space remote sensing, acoustics/ultrasonic NDE/NDT, novel detectors, sensors, imagers and instrumentation development such as polarized x-ray, neutron detector, compressive sensing and biomedical sensors/instrumentation, imaging and spectroscopy applications. At last, Dr. Liao is also working on theory, simulation and modeling, mainly on two topics, i.e., Computational Electromagnetics (CEM) and information privacy and security.

Professional Affiliations & Memberships

IEEE Senior Member
Associate Editor, IEEE Access


1. Lu Ou, Zheng Qin, and Shaolin Allen Liao, “Releasing Temporally Correlated Trajectory with Optimal
Pufferfish Privacy Mechanism,” submitted to IEEE Access, April, 2018.
2. Shaolin Liao, Thomas Wong, Zi Wang, Rong Wang, Elwin Clutter, and Hual-Te Chien, “Miniature Fiber
Laser Microphones with Graphene Diaphragms,” submitted to 2018 IEEE Research and Applications of
Photonics In Defense Conference (RAPID), Miramar Beach, FL, USA, 22 Aug - 24 Aug 2018.
3. Shaolin Allen Liao, Thomas Wong, and Zi Wang, “Cost Efficient Heterodyne Millimeter-wave Doppler Radar
Employing Neon Lamp as Detector,” 2018 IEEE International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation &
USNC/URSI National Radio Science Meeting, Boston, MA, USA, 08 Jul - 13 Jul 2018.
4. Lu Ou, Zheng Qin, Shaolin Allen Liao, Yuan Hong, and Xiaohua Jia, “Differential Privacy Optimization via
Lagrange Multiplier Method for Trajectory Correlation,” submitted to IEEE Transactions on Dependable
and Secure Computing, February, 2018.
5. Shaolin Allen Liao, “Miniature DBR/DFB Fiber Lasers for CW THz Generation,” invited talk, 2017 Global
Summit on Laser Optics & Photonics, Valencia, Spain, June 9-21, 2017.
6. Jingbo Wang, Anil Mane, Shaolin Liao, Robert Wagner, Jeffrey Elam, and Daniel Haskel, “X-ray Polarization
Analysis with Gas-Filled Microchannel Plates: GF-MCP,” the 65th Annual Conference on Applications of
X-ray Analysis, 1-5 August 2016, Rosemont IL, USA.
7. Shaolin Liao and Hual-Te Chien, “THz Phase Extraction Algorithms for a Novel THz Modulating Interfer-
ometric Doppler Radar,” the 18th International Conference on Microwave and Terahertz Technology, Oct.
10-11, 2016, New York City, NY USA.
8. Shaolin Liao, and H.T. Chien, “On Fast Computation of Wave Scattering through Adaptive Multi-level
Convolution,” American Mathematical Society (AMS) Sectional Meeting, Loyola University Chicago, Chicago,
IL, October 3-4, 2015.
9. Shaolin Liao, N. Gopalsami, S. Bakhtiari, T. W. Elmer, E. R. Koehl, and A. C. Raptis, “A novel interferomet-
ric sub-THz Doppler radar with a continuously oscillating reference arm,” IEEE Transactions on Terahertz
Science and Technology, Vol. 4, Iss. 3, pp. 307-313 (2014).
10. Shaolin Liao, Sasan Bakhtiari, Thomas W. Elmer, Nachappa Gopalsami, and Appostolos C. Raptis, “A
Novel Millimeter Wave and Terahertz Wave Interferometric Radar Architecture,” PITTCON Conference
2014, McCormick Place, Chicago, IL, March 2-6, 2014.

Dr. Liao has more than 50 publications to see complete list please go to his webpage

Shaolin Allen Liao

Contact Information

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department