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Electrical and Computer Engineering

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering is engaged in the latest technologies of artificial intelligence, deep learning, computer vision, medical imaging, sensor networks, cybersecurity, wireless communications, power system operations, smart microgrids, electric vehicles, power semiconductor device technologies, microelectronics, internet of things, cloud computing, and computer hardware and software capabilities. Learn more

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About ECE

Illinois Tech’s Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) has a tradition of innovation dating back to 1901, when faculty member Lee de Forest, widely recognized as the “father of radio,” sent his first long-distance broadcast from the university. In 1906 he invented the first vacuum tube capable of amplifying an electrical signal. Other notable alumni include Marvin Camras, the “father of magnetic tape recording,” and Marty Cooper, inventor of the cell phone. 

ECE faculty, students, and alumni continue to change the world by developing technologies for alternative energy resources and communications advancements.

As part of our commitment to offering our students with the latest technologies and technical backgrounds in preparation for industry careers and academic research, the following ECE courses have been recently updated and newly introduced: 

ECE 407/408 Introduction to Computer Networks

ECE 412 Electric Vehicle Drives

ECE 420 Analytical Methods for Power System Economics and Cybersecurity

ECE 442 Internet of Things and Cyber Physical Systems

ECE 448 Application Software Design

ECE 503 5G Wireless Network: Architecture, New Radio, and Security

ECE 512 Electric Vehicle Drives

ECE 518 Computer Cybersecurity

ECE 523 Fundamentals of Semiconductor Devices

ECE 537 Next Generation Smart Grids

ECE 566 Machine and Deep Learning

ECE 586 Hardware Security and Advanced Computer Architecture

Electrical and computer engineers are engaged in contributing to diverse and challenging application areas, from nanotechnology to large scale power grids, from miniature electronics device to networks of billions of nodes among others. Exciting career opportunities in these areas are provided by small to giant product development companies, manufacturers, and service providers in the fields of telecommunications, computer systems, energy systems, control systems, semiconductor, aerospace, health care, biomedical engineering, security, transportation and automotive along with government, defense, and space agencies. 

The Illinois Tech ECE undergraduate program tracks prepare students for successful careers in the corporate sector, government agencies, or for further study in graduate or professional schools and provides them flexibility consistent with their potential and interest. 


Photo of electrical engineering student working in a lab

Professional Master’s Degrees in Emerging Technologies

Learn how to overcome challenges in today's emerging fields with our new professional master’s degrees in wireless communications and computer networks, internet of things, and computer vision and control.

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Faculty Research

Our faculty members are renowned experts in energy, medical imaging, computer networks, and other cutting-edge disciplines in the field.

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ECE Student Research

Student Research

Students will find opportunities to work side-by-side with faculty, researching emerging technologies and the most pressing problems society will face in the coming decades.

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“I decided to pursue a degree in computer engineering based on my undergraduate coursework at Illinois Tech. I was instantly hooked on computer design after being a part of Dr. Borkar’s ECE 242 Digital Computers and Computing class. I found the machine languages that we were learning fascinating and the introductory material to pipelining made me interested in continuing to learn about computer organization and design.”

—David Arnold (EE/M.S. CPE ’19)

“It is a very rigorous program that works you very hard. This trains you for the real world so that you can come up with solutions to problems quickly.”

Samuel Rarick (ECE ’17)

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