Photo of electrical engineering students at work in a lab

Students will find opportunities to work side-by-side with our renowned electrical and computer engineering (ECE) faculty, researching the most pressing problems society will face in the coming decades.

This includes the design and development of modern smart-energy systems; advanced imaging-diagnostic techniques to address devastating illnesses such as cancer; scalable and secure wireless-communication structures for economically and geographically disadvantaged communities; and technologies to realize smart cities of the future, including the internet of things.

ECE Poster Day Competition

Our department provides an opportunity for students to showcase their research projects, and this year we had over 75 students presenting their research in a poster competition in a range of research areas including digital systems and VLSI; networks, communications, and cybersecurity; power systems and electronics; and signal and image processing.

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Learn to Innovate

In Illinois Tech’s signature Interprofessional Projects (IPRO) Program, you’ll work with students from various majors to solve real-world problems.

Recent ECE-oriented IPROs include:

  • Automotive systems innovation, including adaptive-cycle hybrid vehicles
  • Smart microgrids within contemporary electrical generation, transmission, and distribution networks
  • Auto engines as combined heat and power systems
  • Mobilus: robotic standing wheelchair with an arm component
Armour R&D Summer 2019 - ECE

Student Spotlight

Michael Hu (ECE 4th Year), pictured above, and Jafar Saniie, chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Filmer Chair Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, collaborated on the project titled “Computer Vision-Based Robotic Arm.” Prior to the Armour R&D program, Hu had never tried to implement computer vision. During his research, Hu had to analyze and control how each motor and joint moved in the robot.