Stefan Muller

  • Gladwin Development Chair
  • Assistant Professor of Computer Science


Ph.D. Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University

M.S. Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University

A.B. Computer Science, Harvard University

Research Interests

Programming language theory and code analysis, software systems, parallel computing, computational theory


  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship / Honorable Mention 2014
  • NSF Graduate Research Fellowship / Honorable Mention 2013
  • CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award / Honorable Mention 2012
  • Harvard University Certificate of Distinction in Teaching Spring 2011
  • Intel (now Regeneron) Science Talent Search / Finalist (Top 40) 2008


  1. “Fairness in Responsive Parallelism,” Stefan K. Muller, Sam Westrick and Umut A. Acar, ICFP 2019
  2. “Competitive Parallelism: Getting Your Priorities Right”
  3. Stefan K. Muller, Umut A. Acar and Robert Harper, ICFP 2018
  4. “Responsive Parallel Computation: Bridging Competitive and Cooperative Threading,” Stefan K. Muller, Umut A. Acar and Robert Harper, PLDI 2017
  5. “Hierarchical Memory Management for Parallel Programs,” Ram Raghunathan, Stefan K. Muller, Umut A. Acar and Guy Blelloch, ICFP 2016
  6. “Latency-Hiding Work Stealing,” Stefan K. Muller and Umut A. Acar, SPAA 2016
  7. “Bridging Theory and Practice in Interaction” – Short Presentation, Stefan K. Muller and Umut A. Acar, SNAPL 2015
  8. “Coupling Memory and Computation for Locality Management,” Umut A. Acar, Guy Blelloch, Matthew Fluet, Stefan K. Muller and Ram Raghunathan, SNAPL 2015
  9. “Towards a Practical Secure Concurrent Language,” Stefan Muller and Stephen Chong, OOPSLA 2012

Professional Activities

External Reviewing Committee (ERC), ICFP 2020

Artifact Evaluation Committee, POPL 2020

External Reviewer, ICFP 2019

External Reviewer, Transactions on Parallel Computing 2019

External Reviewer, Theory and Practice of Logic Programming (TPLP) 2019

External Reviewer, SPAA 2018