Research in pl compliers and software engineering

Programming Languages, Compilers, and Software Engineering

Department of Computer Science researchers in programming languages, compilers, and software engineering centers focus on how to write, test, compile, and reason about software. This research spans the entire spectrum from theory to practice. On one end of this spectrum, questions such as whether it is possible to prove that a program, or a language, has a given property are answered. On the other end, there are optimizing compilers for modern languages and architectures. In between are algorithms to analyze the properties of a program, as well as the tools and patterns to make it easier to write correct, efficient code.

Research Topics

  • Type Systems
  • Static Analysis
  • Program Verification
  • Language Extensibility
  • Software Engineering
  • Software Reliability and Testing

Affiliated Faculty

Stefan Muller

Gladwin Development Chair Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Research focus: Programming Language Theory and Code Analysis

Bogdan Korel

Department of Computer Science Associate Chair

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Research focus: Automated Software System Analysis