Cybersecurity Student


We are living in a world suffused with computation. While pervasive devices enhance our lives in many ways, they also present data privacy challenges. The Department of Computer Science tackles these challenges head-on by developing bug-free software, combating cybercriminals, preserving user privacy, and protecting intellectual and financial properties. 

Cybersecurity research addresses these security and privacy issues in several domains, such as mobile devices, datacenter systems and networks, autonomous vehicles, memory systems, and blockchain technologies. Opportunities in cybersecurity research leverage a broad spectrum of approaches, including automated program testing, penetration testing, formal verification, cryptography, machine learning, and data science to advance the field of cybersecurity. These exciting research projects will aid in the defense of critical cyberinfrastructure and the preservation of user privacy in the face of a fast-changing technological world.

Research Topics

  • Software Security
  • System Security
  • Network Security
  • Artificial Intelligence Security
  • Privacy
  • Cryptography

Affiliated Labs

Wang Lab


Affiliated Faculty

Yousef Elmehdwi

Associate Chair, Department of Computer Science

Senior Lecturer of Computer Science

Research focus: Cybersecurity

Binghui Wang

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Research focus: Data-driven Security and Privacy

Kyle Hale

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Research focus: Operating systems

Nik Sultana

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Research focus: Security