Thomas Wong

  • Professor Emeritus of Electrical and Computer Engineering


Ph.D., Northwestern University, 1980
M.S., Northwestern University, 1978
B.Sc. (Eng.), University of Hong Kong, 1975

Research Interests

Dr. Wong has conducted research in microwave measurement of material properties, dispersive transport in ionic conductors such as solid electrolytes and conductive polymers, transient electromagnetics, wave propagation effects on microwave devices and integrated circuits, millimeter-wave communication systems, and nonlinear device measurement. In collaboration with national laboratories, he has contributed to the development of dielectric-loaded particle accelerators, nanoscale position sensors, and coupler design for superconducting cavity resonators.

Current research efforts include charge interactions in nanoparticles, electromagnetic fields in mesoscopic systems, semi-open structures for material measurements, broadband communication systems, and dielectric-loaded structures for accelerator applications.


IEEE Certificate of Recognition, 1988

Service Award, IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society, 1987

Fellow of International Association of Advanced Materials (IAAM)


Selected Publications

“Roles of the Debye Length and Skin Depth in the Characterization of Space Charge Interactions in Semiconductor Nanoparticles”, Z. Hu, Z. Wang, Y. Li, T. Shen, M. Yan, and T. Wong,  Adv. Mater. Lett., v. 12, 2021, 21061635.

“Polarization Enhancement and Resonance Tuning Inferred from Theoretical Consideration and Numerical Simulation for a Semiconductor Nanoparticle with a Dielectric Shell”, Y. Li, Z. Hu, and T. Wong, IEEE Trans. Nanotechnology, v. 17, pp. 1029-1035, Sept. 2018.

“Bandwidth Enhancement of a Compact Transverse Bilateral Helical Antenna with Parasitic Element for Mobile Device Applications”, A. Celebi, M. Kenkel, and T. Wong, IEEE Trans. Antennas and Propagation, v. 63, pp. 937-945, March 2015.

“Charge Polarization and Current Distribution in a Conductive Particle in the Rayleigh Region”, T. Shen, M. Yan, and T. Wong, IEEE Trans. Antennas and Propagation, v. 61, pp. 4229-4238, Aug. 2013. 

“Transport-Based Equivalent Circuit for Semiconductor Nanoparticle in Terahertz Frequency Range”, T. Shen, Z. Hu, and T. Wong, Electron. Lett., v. 49, pp. 52-54, Jan. 2013.

“Development and Integration Testing of a Power Coupler for a 3.9 GHz Superconducting Multicell Cavity Resonator”, J. Li, E. Harms, A. Hocker, T. Khabiboulline, N. Solyak, and T. Wong, IEEE Trans. Applied Superconductivity, v. 21, pp. 21-26, Feb. 2011.

“Modeling and Prototyping of a Flux Concentrator for Positron Capture”, H. Wang, W. Liu, W. Gai, and T. Wong, IEEE Trans. on Magnetics, v. 44, pp. 2402-2408, Oct. 2008.

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“Root Nature of the Transverse-Electric Characteristic Equation for a Dissipative Sphere,” (with M. S. Aly), IEEE Trans. on Antenna and Propagation, v. 37, pp. 71-77, Jan. 1989.


Electromagnetic Fields and Waves, (with Robert Yang) Higher Education Press, Beijing, 1st edition 2006, 2nd edition 2012.

Fundamentals of Distributed Amplification, Artech House, Norwood, 1993.


“3D MMIC VCO and Methods of Making the Same”, U.S. Patent 7276981 B2, issued October 2, 2007

“Dielectric resonator phase shifting frequency discriminator”, U.S. Patent No. 5847620, issued December 8, 1998.

“Method and apparatus for controlling frequency of a multi-channel transmitter”, U.S. Patent No. 5768693, issued June 16, 1998.

"Multi-function interactive communications system with circularly/elliptically polarized signal transmission and reception”, U.S. Patent 5701591, issued December 23, 1997.


Applied electromagnetics, microwave and terahertz measurements, nanoscale structures and devices.

Thomas Wong

Contact Information

312.567.5796 3301 South Dearborn, Siegel Hall 129