Xiaofan Li

  • Professor of Applied Mathematics
  • Associate Dean, College of Computing


Ph.D. - University of California at Los Angeles


  • Self-similar evolution of a precipitate in inhomogeneous elastic media , with A. Barua, S. Li, and J. S. Lowengrub, Journal of Crystal Growth (2012), 351 62-71.
  • A boundary integral method for computing dynamics of an epitaxial island, with S.. Li, SIAM J. Sci. Comput. (2011) 33(6), 3282--3302.
  • A High-order Boundary Integral Method for Surface Diffusions on Elastically Stressed Axisymmetric Rods, with Q. Nie, J. of Comput. Phys. (2009) 228(12), 4625-4637. Click here for paper.
  • A spectrally accurate boundary integral method for interfacial velocities in two-dimensional Stokes flow, with X. Sun, Commun. Comput. Phys. (2010) 8(4), 933-946.
  • Numerical methods for nonlinear acoustic resonators, with G. Raman, Nonlinear Acoustics: Current Trends, eds. C. Vanhille and C. Campos-Pozuelo, Research Signpost (2011) 21-32 ISBN 978-81-308-0445-3.


  • Computational Fluid Dynamics: particulate flows, rheology of suspensions and emulsions; Computational Material Science; Numerical Analysis: boundary integral method.
Xiaofan Li

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