The Empowerment, Leadership, and Mentorship (ELM) program aims to provide support for positive change of academic performance, leadership and the development of a conscientious community. You can reserve a 30 minute appointment with one of the coaches through this central booking website below. You must be signed into your email account to access the booking site.

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Academic Coaches

Drawn primarily from highly recommended and qualified graduate students from the psychology department, the academic coaches treat the student seeking coaching with empathy and respect. They also treat them like athletes, in need of motivation and guidance to reach their academic goals. The coach meets one to one, follows up with the student and provides a continuity from peer-support to professional academic level peer-like support. The academic coaches instruct General Learning strategies and assist in developing and running the student worker training for: peer mentorship and learning strategies as part of the certified peer mentor program.

List of ELM Certified Peer Mentors

Alongside over 300 students, faculty and staff members who have been ELM trained through workshops, we have a developed a cadre of ELM Certified peer mentors who continue to engage with new inductees into the program and train future peer mentors on campus. 

Name Title/Year Email Faculty Staff
Jose A. Amezcua BS Mechanical Engg. 26 Student
Samantha M. Blanchard BS Mechanical Engg. 25 Student
Cesar Cuevas BS Computer Science, ME Structural Engg. 24 Student
Melissa N. Gomez BS Chemical Engg. 26 Student
Rachel Hirsh Director of Campus Life Staff
Galilea Ines BS Arch Bldg Sciences/Technology Student
Alexander R. Kern BS Chemical Engg. 23 Student
Anisha Manivannan FYE Mentor, RA, BS Chemical Engg. 25 Student
Arlen Moller Associate Professor of Psychology Undergraduate Program Director Faculty
Andrea Ocampo BS Computer Science 26 Student
Derek A. Rhea BS 25 Student
Sean B. Straub BS Elec. Engg.; Bus and E3 Minors 21 Student
Henry A. White Associate Academic Coach, FYE Mentor Student
Diana Wu BS Chemical Engg. Alumni
Diana Silvas BS Information Technology and Management 21 Student
Emylin Thomas Associate Academic Coach, FYE Mentor and Resident Advisor Student
Ed Zeifert Head Baseball Coach Staff
Meghan McCarthy Head Women's Lacrosse Coach Staff
Ethan K. Schreiber BS Astrophysics 25 Student
Nevin Abdelghani BS Arch Bldg Sciences/Technology Student
Kristjan Gudmundsson FYE Mentor, BS Biomedcl/ Medcl Engrg 25 Student
Peter Kilpatrick Provost Leadership
Amit Thomas Director of Human Resources Staff
Thy Nguyen Associate Vice Provost, Career Services Leadership