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Empowerment, Leadership, and Mentorship Program

From its founding in 1890, Illinois Institute of Technology's mission has been to lift its students up and prepare them for success. Now, as it was more than 130 years ago, that same drive propels Chicago's only tech-focused university.


Illinois Tech prides itself in providing its students with assistance in a variety of forms, including through its Empowerment, Leadership, and Mentorship (ELM) program. Developed in consultation with Illinois Tech student leadership, the ELM program aims to provide support for positive change of academic performance, leadership, and the development of a conscientious community. This is achieved by supporting existing and up-and-coming (student) leaders and programs, to in turn support each other and the wider student body via an organically grown mentor-support network.

What We Do

Illinois Tech is poised to train the next generation of professionals and leaders through the ELM program. ELM aims to achieve these goals through mentorship, particularly by students' peers. Illinois Tech students will be trained, and—in some cases, certified—as peer mentors to help their fellow students. ELM program training is available and is encouraged for all students due to its strong benefits for all, even if they do not become certified peer mentors.

Certified Peer Mentors support each other one-on-one and in monthly support group meetings for communication and ongoing training in addition to supporting the wider network of peer mentors and students within our Illinois Tech community.

Program Requirements to Become a Peer Mentor (required for certain campus jobs)

  1. Self-nominate (or apply) to program personnel for the intended job
  2. Interview
  3. Attend one of the Foundation's workshops approved by the ELM program director
  4. Complete any other job-specific training
  5. Commit to maintaining regular supervision and progress notes (the extent and regularity of this depends on the specific job)

Program Requirements to Become a CPM

  1. Fill out this IIT ELM Application
  2. Attend one of the Foundation's workshops approved by the ELM program director
  3. Complete Online Training
  4. Complete the Mentorship Certification Exam
  5. Capstone Interview (45 mins)

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Fulfilling all program requirements will result in a Peer Mentorship Certification, a prestigious qualification. A Certified Peer Mentor is a recognized leader, one who is able to both support leadership in others and express it themselves as needed. Most importantly, a Certified Peer Mentor is someone who is prepared to support their community through a sustainable, sensible, ethical practice of peer mentorship. One does not simply acquire the qualification of being a peer mentor, one is a peer mentor.

Apply to ELM

If you are interested in participating in the ELM program, please fill out this application.

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