Discrete Applied Math Seminar by Ian Gossett: Some Orientation Theorems for Restricted DP-Colorings of Graphs




Online seminar


Ian Gossett, Wesleyan University


Some Orientation Theorems for Restricted DP-colorings of Graphs



DP-colorings of graphs (originally called correspondence colorings) are a generalization of list colorings that were introduced by Dvorak and Postle in 2015 and have since been a popular topic of study. The Alon-Tarsi Theorem is a well-known theorem that relates orientations of graphs to list colorings, and though it is known that this theorem does not carry over `as is' to DP-colorings, we introduce some classes of correspondence assignments that admit DP-coloring analogs and generalizations of the Alon-Tarsi Theorem. 


Discrete Applied Math Seminar

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Hemanshu Kaul
Co-Director, M.S. in Computational Decision Science and Operations Research (CDSOR) Associate Professor of Applied Mathematics

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