ECE Seminar by Sami Khairy



The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering invites you to an ECE Research Seminar. We are pleased to welcome doctoral candidate Sami Khairy as he gives his talk on "Data-Driven Massive Channel Access Optimization for Wireless Internet of Things (IoT) Networks." In it, he will address wireless connectivity in the Internet of Things and research on developing data-driven methods for optimizing high-dimensional non-orthogonal multiple access beyond 5G networks. Khairy is a doctoral candidate in electrical engineering at Illinois Institute of Technology. His research interests span the broad areas of data-driven optimization of future wireless networks, analysis and protocol design for next-generation wireless networks, reinforcement learning, and statistical machine learning.

Join us from 12:45 pm to 1:45 pm on Friday, April 2, via Zoom. Please register in advance.


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