Ethics and Technology: Policing and Surveillance Panel Discussion




IIT Tower, Auditorium, 10 West 35th Street

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Join Germaine Walker, Cynthia Hood, and Vijay Gurbani for a lively discussion about the ethics of data, surveillance, and policing.

About this Event

Join us for the the first of four free and interactive panel discussions sponsored by the Office of Community Affairs and the Real Time Communications Laboratory at Illinois Tech. We will explore how our society is impacted by today’s technologies and how citizens can impact these technologies to ensure they advance the health and well-being of our communities.

While technology as a construct is neutral, its application is replete with consequences (i.e. constructive/destructive and intended/unintended). Moderator Alexandra Franco will guide the two-hour conversation among faculty members Cynthia Hood and Vijay Gurbani, and IT expert Germaine Walker, about ethics, technology, surveillance, and policing. Future topics will include health, education and employment, and action.

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