Mini Workshop on Storytelling with Data, Part II

Stuart School of Business research presentation by: M. Zia Hassan Endowed Professor Elizabeth J. Durango-Cohen




Room 490, Conviser Law Center, 565 West Adams Street

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Mini Workshop on Storytelling with Data, Part II

Attendees are requested to bring their laptop computer.


In this seminar, I will discuss the way our brains perceive patterns, and how we draw meaning from data as a mechanism to choose effective visuals that transform data into actionable information. I will also discuss how to build a narrative structure that incorporates both written words along with visuals to tell a story that has context (“what”), makes sense (“why it matters”), and gets the audience moved to action (“now what”).


All Illinois Tech faculty, students, and staff are invited to attend.

The Friday Research Presentations series showcases ongoing academic research projects conducted by Stuart School of Business faculty and students, as well as guest presentations by Illinois Tech colleagues, business professionals, and faculty from other leading business schools.

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