Transforming Local Food Supply Chains through Values-Based Institutional Procurement

Stuart School of Business research presentation by: Professor of Environmental Management and Sustainability Weslynne Ashton, M. Zia Hassan Endowed Professor Elizabeth J. Durango-Cohen, and Gaudy S. Morera




Room 470, Conviser Law Center, 565 West Adams Street, Chicago

Transforming Local Food Supply Chains through Values-Based Institutional Procurement


In 2017–18, the City of Chicago and Cook County adopted the Good Food Purchasing Program, which aims to reorient public institutions’ large spending on food towards values-aligned products. This shift was expected to have a transformative impact on local food supply chains by creating significant opportunities for local food producers, particularly those in urban and minoritized communities, to sell into these channels. However, 5+ years on, very little has changed in actual purchases. Local government officials and food policy advocates have partnered with a team of researchers, funded through NSF’s Civic Innovation Challenge, to deepen their understanding of persistent barriers to change, explore the tradeoffs associated with distinct pathways to mobilizing locally-produced food to meet the community needs, and specify how a knowledge platform can bridge the gap in local supply and institutional demand. In this talk, we share some of the preliminary research findings, and the plan for the one-year Community Food Mobilization in Chicago (CF-MOB) project.


All Illinois Tech faculty, students, and staff are invited to attend.

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