Financial Aid

Housing Scholarship

Awarding Policy

Housing scholarship awards are granted to incoming students through the admissions process. The amount of the housing scholarship award can vary and are awarded by the Office of Undergraduate Admission. All admission applicants are considered for this award; however, students are not guaranteed a housing scholarship. Housing scholarship awards include but are not limited to the following: Illinois Tech Housing Scholarships and ROTC Housing and Food scholarships. For more information regarding ROTC benefits, please refer to the ROTC Scholarship Policy.

Enrollment Policy

Housing awards are available each semester for eligible undergraduate students enrolled at full-time status (12 credit hours or more). Housing awards are restricted to follow the Less Than Full-Time Enrollment Policy, as outlined on the Policies and Procedures page. The Illinois Tech Housing Scholarship can only be used by students enrolled in the fall and spring semesters.

Disbursement Policy

The Illinois Tech Housing Scholarship award only applies toward housing charges billed by the Student Accounting Office at Illinois Tech for one of the following undergraduate residences: Carman Hall, Gunsaulus Hall, Kacek Hall, McCormick Student Village, Rowe Village, or one of the university-owned sorority houses.

The Illinois Tech Housing Scholarship for graduate students is awarded by the Office of Graduate Admissions and applies only toward housing charges billed by the Student Accounting Office at Illinois Tech. 

The Illinois Tech Housing Scholarship is not applicable to off-campus housing or fraternity-owned housing.

Each semester the Office of Financial Aid will verify with the Office of Residence Life to ensure compliance with the residence requirements. Housing scholarship awards will be removed from a student's account if the student is not in compliance with the guidelines and restrictions set forth.

Residential Advisor Scholarship Policy

Students awarded a Residential Advisor (RA) Scholarship will have their original housing scholarship award(s) removed. In the event that a student loses the RA scholarship, the original housing scholarship award will be reinstated on the student’s account.

Tuition Remission or Tuition Exchange Policy

Students who qualify for tuition remission or tuition exchange benefits are not eligible for the Illinois Tech Housing Scholarship. You may view the full tuition remission and tuition exchange scholarship policy here: Tuition Remission and Tuition Exchange Policy.

All tuition and fees are subject to revision by Illinois Tech’s Board of Trustees.

Other Policy Notes

  • Housing scholarships may not be used toward any housing cancellation fees incurred by students. Cancellation fees are the sole responsibility of the student.
  • Students who receive full-tuition scholarships are permitted to receive housing scholarships, provided the above-outlined residency requirements are met.
  • Housing scholarship awards cannot be applied toward meal plans. In the event the housing charges are less than the housing scholarship awarded, the housing scholarship will be adjusted to only cover the billed portion for the given term.