Financial Aid

ROTC Scholarship Policy

All three ROTC branches of the military—Air Force, Army, and Navy—are represented at Illinois Institute of Technology. Interested students may apply for scholarships through their respective ROTC branches.

For a full list of ROTC contract scholarships, including ROTC Housing and Food scholarships, use the following scholarship charts depending on admission to the university:

ROTC Military Coverage

Each military branch determines the scholarship award that is provided to the cadet and submits the information to the Student Accounting Office and the Office of Financial Aid. The Student Accounting Office will then post branch awards to each cadet’s account. Depending on branch coverage, a cadet may be eligible for an Illinois Tech-funded scholarship depending on the unit and type of benefit. Cadets who are federal aid recipients should note that their federal aid awards will work in conjunction to stay within the cadet's Cost of Attendance (budget).

Financial Aid Process

The Office of Financial Aid will award ROTC benefits and financial aid awards to eligible cadets in accordance with the policies established by the Office of Financial Aid and the United States Department of Education. These policies include, but are not limited to, the following:

Federal & State Aid Restrictions

  • Cadets are encouraged to complete a FAFSA at the start of each academic year to maximize any eligible federal and state grants if they are dropped or become ineligible for their ROTC benefits.
  • Cadets eligible for the Pell Grant can receive the grant up to their Cost of Attendance (budget). Any eligible Room & Board (housing and meal) scholarship may be reduced to fit the student's Pell Grant.
  • Cadets receiving military benefits are not eligible for an SEOG Grant and will have this award removed from their account.
  • Starting Fall 2024, all ROTC programs with full coverage of tuition paid by the military are ineligible to receive the State of Illinois MAP Grant. 

All tuition and fees are subject to revision by Illinois Tech’s Board of Trustees.

Air Force Illinois Tech Scholarship

Air Force Three Year-Type 2 

During the first year cadets are awarded an Illinois Tech Air Force scholarship whose value matches the institutional scholarships awarded upon admission to the university (minimum value of $28,000). During the last three years eligible cadets will receive an Illinois Tech Air Force scholarship that covers the remaining tuition balance minus military benefits. The Illinois Tech Air Force scholarship, in combination with the cadet's military benefits, cannot exceed tuition and mandatory fees.

Air Force Four Year-Type 2

Eligible cadets will receive an Illinois Tech Air Force scholarship that covers the remaining tuition balance, minus military benefits for all four years. The Illinois Tech Air Force scholarship, in combination with the cadet's military tuition benefits, cannot exceed tuition and mandatory fees.

Mandatory fees include: U-Pass fee, Student Service fee, and New Student fee. Mandatory fees do not include lab fees, graduation fee, health insurance fee, or other miscellaneous fees.

All tuition and fees are subject to revision by Illinois Tech’s Board of Trustees.

ROTC Housing and Food

Cadets receiving military benefits may be eligible for either a Housing Scholarship or a Housing and Food Scholarship based on the unit, type, and matriculation. General scholarship stipulations and restrictions can be found below.

ROTC Housing Scholarship:

The Housing Scholarship is awarded at the standard double room rate (refer to Kacek or Cunningham Hall's rates) and can be used toward housing charges at any on-campus housing or Illinois Tech sororities. The scholarship does not apply to students living off campus or in Greek housing not owned by Illinois Tech. Recipients of the Housing Scholarship are not eligible for the Illinois Tech Greek Housing Scholarship or a Housing and Food Scholarship in the same semester.

ROTC Housing and Food Scholarship:

  • Replaces any original institutional housing scholarship offered to a student
  • Is eligible to be used toward any on-campus housing units, which includes Illinois Tech sororities
  • Will cover up to the cost of a standard double room in Cunningham, Kacek, or Rowe Village
  • Covers the cost of the cadet's selected meal plan up to the cost of the All Access meal plan
  • Cadets who choose a housing/meal plan below the standard amount will receive a scholarship to cover the billed charges only
  • Cadets who opt to live off campus will not receive a ROTC Housing and Food Scholarship
  • Cadets living in sorority housing are eligible to receive coverage for one type of board plan; cadets can opt to receive a meal plan offered through the university or a meal plan offered through their sorority
    • If a sorority board plan is selected, cadets are required to submit their meal plan bill to the Office of Financial Aid before funding is disbursed

ROTC Greek Housing Scholarship*

Eligible cadets, as outlined in the each respective ROTC Scholarship charts—see ROTC Housing and Food—who live in fraternity housing during the fall or spring semester can receive an ROTC Greek Housing scholarship that will cover up to $1,900 each semester. The award amount depends on the charges outlined on the cadet's Greek Housing Contract and will be contingent upon submission of the student’s contract to the Office of Financial Aid.

*Cadets should note that depending on the student’s federal eligibility, there may be additional adjustments on their account to ensure that they remain within their allotted budget.

Loss of ROTC benefits and Institutional Award Reinstatement

In the event that a cadet's branch does not provide benefits as outlined in the “Military Provides” category of the ROTC Scholarship charts, Illinois Tech will not cover the difference. If a cadet elects to no longer participate in the ROTC program, or the ROTC branch deems the cadet ineligible for a term, the student’s financial aid will be reverted to the original scholarship package that was offered to the student at the time of their admittance to the university. Cadets should note that these adjustments will occur once the student’s branch confirms ineligibility or loss of benefits during a given term.

ROTC Summer Continuation

There is no ROTC scholarship award for cadets who wish to study at Illinois Tech during the summer term. Students enrolling for summer courses are eligible to receive a summer scholarship that is calculated at the percentage of coverage of their initially awarded institutional aid following the Summer Term Financial Aid Policy. Cadets will be notified of this eligibility at the conclusion of the spring semester.