Financial Aid

Scholarship Policy and Guidelines

Illinois Institute of Technology scholarships are awarded to eligible students through the Office of Undergraduate Admission during the admission process. The Office of Financial Aid applies qualifying scholarships to a student's financial aid package and then amends awards to ensure that the student maintains federal guidelines for need and budget calculations. Scholarships awarded for undergraduate study by the Office of Undergraduate Admission and/or by the Office of Financial Aid can only be used by students pursuing undergraduate study. When a student is no longer considered a part of an undergraduate program, these awards will be removed from the student's account. Accelerated master's program students are considered undergraduates for the purpose of institutional awards. Illinois Tech institutional scholarships are tuition-restricted unless otherwise indicated.

For more information about institutional scholarships, please visit our Scholarship page.

All tuition and fees are subject to revision by Illinois Tech’s Board of Trustees.

Federal and State Grant Programs and Institutional Aid

Illinois Map Grant

If a student is receiving an Illinois MAP Grant along with Illinois Tech scholarships or tuition remission, the total combination of funds received cannot exceed tuition and mandatory fees. Illinois Tech scholarships will be adjusted to accommodate the tuition and mandatory fees on the student's account, minus the Illinois Map Grant allotment.

Federal Pell and SEOG Grants

A student can use both the Federal Pell and SEOG grants to cover educational expenses, including housing and food charges, but, combined, institutional aid and federal aid must not exceed the Cost of Attendance (budget).

Information on Cost of Attendance can be found in the Tuition, Fees, and Costs page.

Housing and Food Scholarship Policy

If a student is a recipient of a housing and food scholarship—including but not limited to the ROTC Housing and Food scholarship and Duchossois housing and food—and is eligible for the Federal Pell and/or SEOG grants, they can only receive these grants in combination with the awarded housing and food scholarship to cover the housing and food expenses charged on the student account.

Institutional Scholarship Replacement Policy

In the event that an undergraduate student is awarded full-tuition funding, the original institutional scholarships awarded by the Office of Undergraduate Admission will be replaced with the new funding. Undergraduate scholarships that replace original awards include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Illinois Tech Camras Scholarship
  • Illinois Tech Collens Scholarship
  • Illinois Tech Crown Scholarship
  • Illinois Tech Duchossois Leadership Scholarship
  • Illinois Tech ROTC Scholarships (additional restrictions apply, please view the ROTC Scholarship policy)
  • Illinois Tech Presidential Scholarship
  • Illinois Tech Tuition Exchange
  • Illinois Tech Tuition Remission (additional restrictions apply, please view Tuition Remission policy)
  • Illinois Tech Yellow Ribbon/VA applicants

Institutional Scholarship Error Policy

The Office of Financial Aid works diligently to award students the correct scholarship amounts, and closely monitors accounts who have pro-rated scholarships, students returning from leave, or reinstatements to the university. In the event that a student identifies that their institutional scholarship award amount is incorrect, the Office of Financial Aid will correct any inconsistencies, providing the office receives notification by the end of the semester in question. Failure to report an institutional scholarship inconsistency/error during the semester in question will prevent any changes from being made to the previous enrollment term. Failure to report inconsistencies can result in the student being responsible for any balance incurred.

Miscellaneous Department Scholarship Awards

As of January 2008, all undergraduate scholarships (need and merit-based) provided to the university by its donors will be managed and awarded by the Office of Financial Aid. These changes were implemented to create a more efficient awarding process and better use of university resources, efficient reporting, and improved stewardship.

Students may be awarded by their academic department. Although the department will recognize you as the scholarship recipient and ask that you write a thank you letter to the donor who provided the funds to the university, the scholarship will not be awarded on top of your current Illinois Tech scholarship award. This scholarship-matching process allows the university to award students institutional scholarships including, but not limited to, the Heald scholarship, the University scholarship, the Collens scholarship, and the Camras scholarship prior to receiving donations to support those scholarships.

Please note that following list is representative of these awards but does not represent the comprehensive list of scholarships governed by this policy.

Examples of Departmental Scholarship Awards include, but are not limited to, the following:

Venema Scholarship
Samuel Horowitz Scholarship
Black Memorial Scholarship
Johnson and Lee Scholarship
Vitale Scholarship
Leadership Edge/Motorola Scholarship
Goldstein Engineering Scholarship
Knauss Engineering Scholarship
Small Scholarship

Additional questions regarding the terms and conditions of a specific departmental or university undergraduate scholarship awarded to a student may be directed to the Office of Financial Aid.