Grainger Computing Innovation Prize


The inaugural Grainger Computing Innovation Prize is an innovation competition that aims to solve critical societal challenges through innovative computing solutions and interdisciplinary collaborations.

A generous endowed gift funded by The Grainger Foundation will support the Grainger Computing Innovation Prize annually, with student teams receiving $15,000, $10,000 and $5,000 prizes for finishing in first, second, or third place, respectively.

The Grainger Computing Innovation Prize consists of team-based competitions centered on innovative computing solutions. In conjunction with Illinois Tech’s newly established College of Computing, teams will be composed of students from across different fields of study and from various backgrounds. The goal is to develop unique solutions through a diversity of thought and interdisciplinary collaboration.

The Grainger Computing Innovation Prize culminates in a grand finale event in which student teams share their projects and present their findings to a panel of esteemed judges, the Illinois Tech community, and invited guests.

Students, faculty, and alumni of Illinois Tech have always been at the forefront of fueling innovations and revolutionizing modern technology in Chicago and beyond with inventions such as the cell phone, magnetic recording, and Amazon Alexa, to name just a few. The Grainger Computing Innovation Prize is a premier avenue for students to directly apply the skills they've learned in the classroom to real-life challenges they face every day.

The Grainger Foundation

The Grainger Computing Innovation Prize was established through a generous endowed gift from The Grainger Foundation. The Grainger Foundation, an independent, private foundation based in Lake Forest, Illinois, was established in 1949 by William W. Grainger, founder of W.W. Grainger, Inc.  The Grainger Foundation provides substantive support to a broad range of organizations including educational, medical, cultural, and human services institutions.