Proprietary Collaborative Research

Proprietary research is conducted by the Illinois Tech faculty, staff scientists and engineers. This work is usually relatively short term special contract projects which have immediate commercial impact for the client. Pre- approved non-disclosure agreements and research service form agreements are used to expedite the process which is facilitated through the IFSH Manager of Business Development. The Center Director for Processing Innovation, Dr. Alvin Lee and The Center Director for Nutrition Research, Dr. Britt Burton-Freeman, serve as the science points of contact. IFSH members receive special pricing and project resource priorities. Any aggregate of IFSH industry members can also request the formation of a research project consortium which can provide the necessary level of business confidentiality and intellectual property language in the agreement.

IFSH/FDA Co-Located Collaborative Research Projects

For more than two decades IFSH's National Center for Food Safety and Technology has spearheaded a successful collaborative research model where the food industry effectively interacts with FDA and Illinois Tech/Moffett Scientists through collaborative research projects.  See list of publications generated from collaborative research projects.