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The (Tacoma) News Tribune

The challenge with something like Listeria is that it’s “always in the environment — it might be in very small quantities in food products that we eat every day,” said Alvin Lee, associated professor of food science at Illinois Institute of Technology. Though inspectors could and perhaps should verify cleaning protocols, “You can only clean in places where you can reach. The problem with this equipment is the tubing.”

Financial Times

When market pioneer ChatGPT first became available, many prospective users of legal generative AI tech — law firms and in-house legal departments — suffered from “Fomo”, or fear of missing out, according to Dan Katz, a professor at Chicago Kent College of Law, who leads the school’s legal tech centre. But that early enthusiasm has given way to “Fud” — fear, uncertainty and doubt — he says.

Bloomberg Law

How courts define commute-related accommodation requests often dictates the results, said Nicole Buonocore Porter, a disability law scholar who directs the Martin H. Malin Institute for Law & the Workplace at Chicago-Kent College of Law. When courts view the commute as outside the workplace, they tend to hold that employers don’t have a duty to grant commute-related accommodations, Porter said. Courts tend to have that “knee-jerk reaction” in part because federal wage and hour law doesn’t require pay for the time getting to and from the job, she said.

American Heart Association News

Arlen Moller, an associate professor in the psychology department at the Illinois Institute of Technology, said it's important to distinguish between types of fantasy sports. "Some are more oriented towards gambling and playing with strangers. But the foundational versions of the season-long game are usually played between friends and family," said Moller, who studies the motivations behind healthy behavior and has examined using fantasy sports to promote health.


“There is an overwhelming belief in the consumer movie audiences that product placements actually add value to the movie,” said Siva Balasubramanian, a professor of marketing at the Illinois Institute of Technology who has studied the impact of product placements for more than 30 years. “They make the characters more believable and the story more contextually appropriate.”

Ipse Dixit

“I look at who was hired at a law firm and who is actively practicing in that law firm as my baseline, and then I look to the gender gap of who is signing office actions and patent applications — that is, who is getting credit,” Assistant Professor Jordana Goodman said about her research, which has been published in the Yale Journal of Law & Technology. “That is the gap that I am talking about, the gap between people who are present and people who are credited.”

The Sydney Morning Herald

Illinois Tech Professor Siva Balasubramanian, an expert on brand marketing and product placement, says research reveals the US market has the highest level of consumer positivity towards product placement. “That’s where Hollywood is, so that should not be any surprise,” he notes. “However, (looking at) Europe and Asia, it is positive and growing in positivity.”