Illinois Tech believes that all of its students should have a study abroad/away experience for a semester or for a year.

With our many partnerships, we are endeavoring to send not only our Juniors but also our Freshmen and Sophomores abroad for an international experience. Our commitment is to open our students’ horizons to the world, by allowing them to experience different cultures, and ultimately understand that by learning about our differences we can find our commonalities.

Partner schools that may have recently introduced summer/semester study abroad experiences with a choice of at least 5 courses (15 U.S. credit hours) during the semester or 2 courses (6 U.S. credits) in the summer, in English, compatible with our Freshmen/Sophomore curricula across fields of study and/or internship opportunities, along with affordable and secure housing accommodation options, please contact the Senior Director of International Partnerships.

Illinois Tech’s Academic Calendar

  • Fall semester: mid-August to mid-December
  • Spring semester: early January to mid-May
  • Summer: mid-May to mid-August

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