The OPT Employment Reporting App includes a number of new features to improve the accuracy and consistency of the information you report, the timelines of your reports being updated in your records, and the transparency of the OPT employment reporting process. Please see below for a look at the new features:

OPT Employment Reporting App

IIT User Account

The OPT Employment Reporting App is connected to the myIIT portal.  In order to report employment, you must log into the app using your IIT username and password.  Your name and CWID will be directly linked to your report.IIT User Account

Period of OPT

You will be prompted to choose the period of OPT which pertains to your report.  Your employment report will then be directly linked to the correct period of OPT.
Period of OPT

NOTE:  If you have an approved period of OPT that does not appear in the app, this means that you have not provided a copy of your EAD to the International Center.  Please send a copy to so that your record can be updated.
Period of OPT2

Employment History

All employment reports made to the app will be saved in an employment history for your reference.  The employment history contains your employer names as well as start and end dates.  You can click on the employer name for a full record of your report.  You will have a separate employment history for each period of OPT.
Employment History

NOTE:  Employment history data prior to March 2017 has been imported from employment reports submitted by you through the previous reporting form.  If any information is incorrect, please edit the report in your employment history so that your record can be updated with the correct information.

Report Status

Your employment reports will feed through a series of university databases before reaching the SEVIS database.  Your employment history will show you the status of your report in this process.  

Submitted means that your report has been submitted to the app but has not yet been updated in the databases.  This will be reflected immediately after submitting your report.

Processed means that your report has been processed and all information has been updated in the databases.  This will be reflected after the data feeds through all databases, which may take up to a few days.
Report Status
NOTE:  If you edit any employment information, the new data must feed through this process again and your report status will change.

EIN Required

The Employer Identification Number (EIN) will be required for each new employer added to the app.  The EIN is a 9-digit number that an employer uses for tax purposes.  It can be found on your W-2 or by contacting your employer's human resources.

Address Verification

The OPT Employment Reporting App is connected to the myIIT portal and allows you to update your contact information (local address and phone number) directly through your portal, which will also feed directly through to the SEVIS database.
Address Verification
You will be linked to verify your address through your portal and can make any updates there directly.  You must scroll to the bottom of the page to check the confirmation checkbox and click "Submit" for your address to be updated.

Address Verification2

OPT Employment Validation

You will have a drop down menu of employers based on your employment history.  You can simply select the employer you choose to validate without needing to enter your employment information again. 
OPT Validation
Validations will not appear in your employment history but will be sent directly to the International Center via email.  You will, however, see a brief confirmation message that the validation has been submitted successfully.
OPT Validation2
NOTE:  If your employer is not in your employment history, you will first need to add it by reporting "Change of Employer" before proceeding with the validation.