All workshops are grounded in the latest research and provide real-world learning opportunities that enhance on-the-job leadership development. In addition, each of our workshop sessions includes pre-session assignments directly tied to the leader’s day-to-day work experiences.

Our program offers your employees an innovative blend of instructional methods, including large- and small-group discussions, multimedia presentations, role-playing exercises, and periods for self-reflection—all designed to provide a rich, highly engaging learning experience.

Discovering Yourself as a Leader

Effective leadership starts with self-awareness. Using our 360-measure and leading industry assessments, your leaders will discover their strengths and areas for leadership development and create an individualized leadership map that integrates their complete leadership development program.

Unlocking Your Communication Potential

Data from the Leadership Communication Inventory will be used by your leaders to build a personalized communication improvement plan that can be applied immediately in their work. Exercises on effective listening, holding difficult conversations, and enhancing their leadership reputation are designed to unlock your leader’s true communication potential.

Understanding the Human Dynamics of Team Leadership

Through a series of self-assessments, leaders will learn how to enhance and evolve their leadership style. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the human dynamics of leading highly technical and scientific teams and how they can apply those dynamics to the team situations they face—up, down, and across your organization.

Embracing Inclusion and Diversity as a Leader

Leaders will discover their unexplored biases and sharpen their cultural IQ through assessments and small-group discussions. Experiential activities and real-world case analyses will deepen their appreciation for the diversity found in today’s organizations and help enhance their diversity management skills.

Developing Ethical and Sustainable Leadership

There’s never been a more important time than now for ethical and sustainable leadership. Through in-class exercises and case studies, your leaders will explore their own ethical framework for decision making and learn how the “triple bottom line” can be applied to leadership issues in STEM.

Leading With Vision

Vision is at the center of everything a leader does. Your leaders will have the opportunity to develop a stakeholder road map for communicating and implementing their vision in a dynamic organizational context.

Leading With Vision

In this session, leaders learn to apply a proven eight-step process for communicating and managing organizational change including critical coaching skills to help their teams gain resilience as they move through the change curve.

Building a Leadership Brand—We’re All Leaders Under Construction

In this session, your leaders will learn the fundamentals of building a successful brand as a STEM leader. They’ll have the opportunity to pull together their thoughts, insights, and perspectives gained throughout the program into a single construct that defines who they are as a leader and who they want to become.