Collegiate Leadership Competition

The Collegiate Leadership Competition (CLC) is a nonprofit, educational leadership initiative that is redefining the way that leadership is taught. Since its inception in 2015, CLC has grown to include 88 universities from around the world and 1,014 students. By creating a dynamic competition space, CLC provides a high-impact opportunity for students to apply the leadership skills that they are taught in the classroom and receive critical, real-time coaching and feedback on their performance.

Teams meet weekly for an hour and a half over a three month period, improving their process (how well the team works together) and product (how fast/accurately the team completes the challenges). At the end of that time, they participate in a head-to-head competition with universities across North America where they are evaluated across six challenges. Illinois Tech has fielded a CLC team every year since 2018, winning two international championships in that time. 

Participation in Illinois Institute of Technology’s CLC team is currently restricted to Leadership Academy scholars; however, if you are interested in fielding a second Illinois Tech team, please reach out to the Leadership Academy program manager.

Leadership Academy 2018 International Championship Team
Leadership Academy’s 2018 International Championship Team
Leadership Academy 2019 International Championship Team
Leadership Academy’s 2019 International Championship Team