Chicago-Kent College of Law Launches First-of-Its Kind Design Center

cDELTA will address topics surrounding creativity, technology, design, and law



By Chicago-Kent College of Law;Jennifer Clement
Professor Edward Lee speaks at the launch celebration for Chicago-Kent's new Center for Design, Law & Technology.

From IP to new product development, design brings with it myriad implications that impact more than just designers. In February 2018 two professors at Chicago-Kent College of Law, Graeme Dinwoodie and Edward Lee, co-founded the new Center for Design, Law, and Technology (cDELTA, or c∆) to promote research, scholarship, and instruction at the intersection of design, creativity, technology, and the law.

“The center is the first of its kind in the country,” says Lee. “Design is on the minds of everyone, not just designers and businesses, but now also lawyers. Delta means change. Our mission at c∆ is to bring together in Chicago experts in design, business, and the law from around the world, to better understand the changes and challenges in design they face today.”

Research will address legal protections of design in the United States and internationally, creativity and innovation in design, and design thinking and problem solving. The center will host talks, workshops, and conferences and, in tandem with the Chicago-Kent Center for Empirical Research of Intellectual Property, confer grants to fund research related to innovation and creativity.

Events hosted at cDELTA have thus far included a book lecture on Wednesday, April 11 by attorney Christopher Carani, author of Design Rights: Functionality and Scope of Protection.