How Can People Protect Their Personal Data When They Use Apps?

Experts Report: Cindy Hood, Professor of Computer Science and Engineering



By Olivia Dimmer
How Can People Protect Their Personal Data When They Use Apps?


So currently a lot of data is collected on applications and on different platforms such as Google and Facebook and a lot of the applications that reside on our cell phones as well. And this data is extremely valuable from any perspective. It’s becoming scary to the consumers as we learn more and more about how this data is potentially being used.

I think it is important particularly to look on your cell phone and understand what different apps are. Make sure that you’re actually using the apps that you have on your cell phone, but understand what kind of access you’re providing the different apps that are on your cell phone, to the kinds of the data that are being collected. And I focus on the cell phone because I think that’s the most intrusive device, or potentially intrusive device, that we have, the one that can really collect the most intrusive data about you.

I like to also take a look at the protections that we have. Look at do those laws protect us or not, and there’s a lot of work that needs to be done around privacy laws in the United States.