IIT Offers New Master’s in Computational Decision Science and Operations Research


June 10, 2015 CHICAGO - Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT) has introduced a new Master of Science in Computational Decision Science and Operations Research (CDSOR) to meet the growing demand for computationally sophisticated operations research professionals and academics.

Operations research includes diverse techniques to improve decision-making including simulations, mathematical optimization, data analysis, statistics, neural networks, expert systems, and decision analysis. Most involve mathematical models that attempt to describe the system; decision science and operations research increasingly rely on algorithms and computer science.

IIT’s new CDSOR recognizes this evolution in the field, offering relevant areas in statistics, optimization, business, and computer science. It is unique in its emphasis on computer science sequence courses and allows students to take electives in machine learning and data mining along with core courses in algorithm design, combinatorial optimization as well as courses in economics, algorithmic game theory, and machine intelligence.

The IIT CDSOR is offered by the College of Science with faculty from applied mathematics, computer science, business, and engineering.

The new master’s program teaches the use of advanced analytical methods to make informed decisions, with applications in industry such as e-commerce, health, airlines, or manufacturing; in service organizations; in the military; and in government.

The degree is for people with a background in mathematics, engineering, computer science, or business who would like to pursue a career or do research in the field.

"The program brings to forefront the increasingly important role of computational techniques and algorithmic techniques in decision science and operations research,” said Sanjiv Kapoor, professor of computer science and director of the program. “This will help develop students’ skills and enable them to deal with computationally challenging decision problems.”

For more information, see www.iit.edu/cdsor.

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