Mohammad Asadi Is Published in Nature

Research Looks at Life Beyond Conventional Li-ion Batteries


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Mohammad Asadi Is Published in Nature

Armour College of Engineering Assistant Professor Mohammad Asadi’s work on a demonstration lithium-air battery—an alternative to the commonly used lithium-ion battery for potential transportation applications—was published in a recent edition of the journal Nature (555, 502–506, 22 March 2018)

Lithium-air battery tests have been restricted to pure oxygen environments and have a limited life cycle. Asadi’s demonstration was performed in a simulated air atmosphere with a long life cycle of up to 700 cycles. Asadi and his group of collaborators from the University of Illinois at Chicago, Argonne National Laboratory, and California State University Northridge also did computational studies to help provide insight into the operation of this system. The group states that the demonstration “is an important step towards the development of this field beyond lithium-ion technology, with a possibility to obtain much higher specific-energy densities than for conventional lithium-ion batteries.”