What Does the Future of Product Placement Look Like?

Experts Report: Stuart School of Business Associate Dean Siva K. Balasubramanian



By Olivia Dimmer
What Does the Future of Product Placement Look Like?


Product placement is anything that has been paid for, but it does not appear to have been paid for.

Some of my earlier research suggests that product placement actually integrates elements of advertising with elements of publicity.

The most obvious places to see product placement would be movies, television programs, songs, novels.

Available evidence suggests that product placement does provide a significant abnormal return in terms of financial returns, much higher than other types of marketing expenditures.

I think the future of product placement looks very bright. What we will probably see is a move away from social media back to the mainstream, but the mainstream will continue to expand. And in some ways, aided by new technologies, digital technologies, that makes product placement even more effective.